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Our Mission:
"To provide superior HR service culture"

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"A world where people are inspired with desired, innovative, unbelievable and suprising HR solutions!"

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#202 | Pavani Annexe | Road No. 2 | Banjara Hills | Hyderabad -500 034, India.
E-mail: info@q-people.com
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Q-People is a Human Capital Enterprise that provides HR solutions to the various organizations. We provide Human Resources support and HR solutions for clients all over the Middle East. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in today's dynamic people environment.

At Q-People, we are committed to being the first choice for the top and middle managements seeking HR solutions for their organization. We pride ourselves on our expertise and unparalleled client servicing.

Q-People is currently adding HR value to the clients in the Middle East with our extensive hands-on experience in the HR field, and we are placed way ahead of our competitors when it comes to Quality People Solutions.

Q-People Consultants and support team are HR professionals who have developed relationships and trust with the clients in the region through our exceptional levels of service and the outstanding results we deliver.

Your organization will benefit from our many years of experience, the accuracy of our HR Architecture, the quality of our HR auditing and consulting, outsourcing, recruitment & training, and the thoroughness of our client servicing.

With our extensive hands on experience in these fields and our wide network of contacts in the HR industry, Q-People Recruitment is perfectly positioned to assist any company in finding the right candidate or finding any candidate the perfect job. We are placed way ahead of any of our competitors when it comes to quality resourcing relocations and/or solutions.

We are distinguished from our competitors through our knowledge of the HR Industry, our exceptional levels of service and the outstanding results we deliver.

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